The food culture of the Mediterranean is rooted in an archipelago of magical vistas but rocky soil; where people that could grow little more than herbs and olives were compelled to build ships to trade what little their soil brought forth.  The resulting market for herbs and olives used in food, medicine, ritual and cosmetics— created a network of Hellenic trading nodes that stretched across the Mediterranean and beyond. The spirit of these ancient trade routes lives on in the prominence of herbs and olives in the tapas, cicchetti, mezze and other small plate cultures of contemporary Mediterranean nations.  We work with our partners to bring you artisanal products that are true to the gastronomic traditions of these salt- and sun-kissed lands; in a culinary testament to those traders, philosophers, cooks, scoundrels, scientists, stargazers, adventurers, artists, bakers, bankers and rogues; who set sail from enchanted barren shores,  with little more than herbs and olives.